Yasmine is an orchestral songwriter, writing original songs and instrumental soundtracks for media.

After exploring songwriting during her MA in music at Middlesex University, Yasmine realised that she wanted to write music that fitted more ‘outside the box’ so she started to look at composing for Media. Yasmine completed a short course in writing to picture including Adverts, TV and Drama, Animation and Documentaries with Faber Music. Due to copyright her showreel is available upon request. After loving every minute of composing to picture she is currently composing music to short films, pitching to various advert companies and writes a variety of styles for library music.

In both her songwriting and instrumental work Yasmine focusses on live orchestral instruments and plays piano herself. She has branched out in composing Arabic influenced music.

Her instrumental music has been described as ‘filmic’ minimal and moving. She gained orchestral training during her degree and masters and has a large network of musicians. She scores and records many of her instrumental parts live.

Influenced from her Arabic background Yasmine has a band project called ‘Taqism’. Taqism play traditional Arabic music mixed with Yasmine’s Arabic influenced compositions. They perform live regularly in London. You can get in touch through the contact page to find out more about bookings.